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5.1 Ciruitry

5.1.1 Generator complemented with engin CJ-750 is a positively grounded DC generator MZF-12, whose rated power is 65w, rated voltage is 6 V. The motorcycle circuitry is given in Fig 14.

5.1.2 Generator MJF-280B complemented with engine CJ-750MIM is a negatively grounded AC generator, whose rated power is 280w, rated voltage is 12 V. The motorcycle circuitry is shown in Fig 15.

5.2 Control Switeh Operating

5.2.1 Ignition switch
For daytime operation, insert a key into the switch and turn it counter clockwise to cut in switch contacts 1and 3.
Then power source supplies power to such electrical parts as ignition switch, horn pushbutton, turn switch, brake signal switch and starting pushbutton.
For night operation, insert a key into the ignition switch and turn it clockwise to cut in switch pins 1 to 3. Then power source supplies power to all power consuming parts.
5.2.2 Three-Position switch Lighting control switch-three-position switch, i.e HIGH BEAM, LOW BEAM and FRONT LIGHT. When lighting control switch is set to HIGH only high beam light comes on. When it is set to LOW, only low beam light comes on. And when it is set to FRONT LIGHT, only front light comes on. Horn pushbutton
When it is pressed down, the horn operates and when it is released, the horn stops operating. Turn light switch-when it is turned to left, left turn light comes on and to rights, right turn light comes on.
5.2.3 Electric starting pushbutton -press down this button is to conduct electric starting. Attention should be paid not to making continous starting for over 3 seconds, otherwise the battery may be damaged.

5.3 Battery Servicing

The battery used on CJ-750 engine powered motorcycle is lead acid battery 3-M-14, whose voltage is 6 V. The one used on CJ-750D engine powered motorcycle is dry storage battery 6-MA-28 whose voltage is 12 V.

5.3.1 Make up electrolyte with relative density of 1.28+/-0.01g/cm3 ( measured at 15C ) by mixing distilled water or purified water with pure battery sulphuric acid.
5.3.2 Clean battery surface, take off electrolyte filling cap, make air vent unblocked and pure the ready-made electrolyte into the battery to a level of 5-10 mm above the plate.
5.3.3 The dry storage battery 6-MA-28, after being charged with electrolyte, should be put at a standstill for 20 min. before operation. The exterior of the battery should be cleaned with water and electrolyte filling cap tightened before operation.
5.3.4 The lead acid battery 3-M-14 should be precharged for 3-5 hours after filling electrolyte. The current for the first phase of precharging is 0.8 A. The current can be changed to 0.4 A when voltage of each cell reaches to 2.4 V. The charging can be stopped when charging voltag and electrolyte relative density keep unchanged for 3 hours.
5.3.5 In charging the positive pole of the battery should be connected to positive pole of DC power source and the battery negative pole to negative pole of DC source. At the same time, electrolyte filling cap should be removed to let gas escape. The charging should not be done near tinder to avoid causing explosion. If temperature of electrolyte exceeds 45C, the battery should be cooled and then charged again.
5.3.6 If it is found that the electrolyte level is lower than plate in charging or using of battery, distilled water or purified water should be added.
5.3.7 On completion of charging, tighten the electrolyte filling cap and clean exterior of the battery with water.
5.3.8 The battery should be kept at dry and well-ventilated place, Fall, impact and upside-down store of the battery are strictly forbidden.
5.3.9 The battery plate should be cleaned frequently as it is corrode easily, the battery wires after being secured should be coated with vaseline or grease.
5.3.10 The dry storage battery can keep its dry charg within half a year. It should be recharged for 20 hours with 3 A current if it is kept for over half a year.The battery should be stored in full-charged state.
Recharge the battery if it has been stored for one month or after being discharged.

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